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Privacy policy

Every customer’s information be it their personal data or credentials are very private items for U-RYD and they take maximum care to not allow anyone to misuse the data. Therefore the Privacy Policy explains how U-RYD intends to collect, process, use, share and protect information regarding you.

The Privacy Policy of U-RYD takes care of both online and offline activities of the company. Online activities include web and mobile services, including any websites operated by us such as https://www.u-ryd.com/ or Mobile Application, however accessed and/or used, whether via personal computers, mobile devices or otherwise. Offline activities include collection of data through mailings, telephone, or in person. Anyone agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of U-RYD also agrees with the Privacy policy of the company. The privacy policy also covers customer's use of interactive features and downloads that the company controls or owns or are made available through Services or interact with the Services and post or incorporate this Privacy Policy. Services mean “online” and “offline” activities, in relation to facilitation of taxi hire services through a network of third party drivers and taxi operators. If someone disagrees with the company’s terms and conditions then they disagrees with the privacy policy too. In that case it is recommended that they do not avail to any service provided by the company.


  1. Co-branded services - It has the meaning stated in paragraph 4(c) hereto.
  2. Device - It indicates to gadgets like mobile, computer etc used to avail the Services.
  3. Device Identifier - Unique identification of any device such as IP address is indicated by device identifier.
  4. Mobile device Identification - It has the meaning stated in paragraph 2(d) (ii) hereto.
  5. Promotion - It indicates to any contest or something similar put up by the company for the purpose of promotion.
  6. TFS - U-RYD Transport Solutions Private Limited is indicated by TFS. This term if not repugnant will be applicable for the company’s successors and affiliates and permitted assigns. The office of the company is situated at C-52, 2nd floor, Sector-2, Noida-201301.
  7. TPSP - Third party service provider.