U-RYD - Enjoy a comfortable ride in minimum fare Fare

Modern day urban life has become very expensive. With ever increasing price of every necessary commodity, common people are always under financial pressure. They have to compromise and adjust with basic necessities. U-Ryd has analyzed the market well and has come to the conclusion that all the customers should be given the privilege of enjoying a comfortable and relaxing ride to their destination in the minimum possible fare. The company takes good care of the vehicles and does regular maintenance. Also, they update their app regularly and takes all possible actions to remove a bug (if found). The drivers working in U-Ryd go through severe background checks and are some of the best people with excellent behavior and proper know-how about the streets of the city. After taking good care of all the above mentioned issues, U-Ryd still has managed to keep their fare lower compared to many of their competitors in the market.

Also, the Fare chart is very detailed based on Base Fare, Distance Fare, Wait time Ride, Ride time fare, Cancellation on fee etc and therefore gives the customers an insight to how much their ride may cost without any hidden cost and charges.

Standard Fare

Category Base Fare Distance Fare Wait Time Fare Ride Time Fare Cancellation Fee
Micro 40 6 per km till 15 km
12 per km after 15 km
N/A 1.5 per min 50
Mini 50 8 per km till 20 km
13 per km after 20 km
N/A 1.5 per min 50
Prime 30 10 per km till 20 km
14 per km after 20 km
N/A 1.5 per min 75
Luxury 300 25 per km till 20 km
30 per km after 20 km
N/A 1.5 per min 100
Auto N/A

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