U-RYD - Charges only fare that is fair


Often there have been instances where you might have been promised a certain charge for a ride but on reaching the destination some extra bucks were demanded. Or you might have taken a ride having a mental estimation of the fare but on reaching the destination have found out that your estimation was wrong.

To avoid any such confusion, U-RYD have a fairly detailed chart of the fare that we charge depending on the category of the transport availed like base fare, distance fare per km, wait time fare, ride time fare per min and cancellation fee. This makes sure that our customers get a clear picture of the ride that they are going to take and how much will it cost.

No extra money is charged outside this chart for the service mentioned here. U-RYD is very transparent with the fare system and on comparison one can find that it is pretty cheap and therefore our services can be availed by all.

Customer has the liberty to choose their mode of payment of fare i.e through card or cash. The fare chart is displayed below. One good look at it and you can easily calculate the exact amount it will cost for the ride you take next time in a U-RYD vehicle.

Standard Fare (in $)
CategoryBase FareDistance FareWait Time FareRide Time FareCancellation Fee
Luxury12.00 for 3 Miles3 Per MileN/A0.50 per min10
Prime7.00 for 3 Miles3 Per MileN/A0.35 per min10
Mini4.00 for 3 Miles1 Per MileN/A0.30 per min5
Micro1.00 for 1 Mile1 Per MileN/A0.30 per min5
AutoGovt. determined meter fareGovt. determined meter fare Govt. determined meter fareN/AN/A
* T&C apply