U-RYD - Helps to fulfill your dream


Nowadays, everyone has a dream in life of becoming a successful person. But often many are not able to fulfill their dreams due to lack of motivation, opportunity or finance. But U-RYD has brought an excellent solution to all these problems. It is not solely an online cab booking organization. We have an excellent work opportunity for many driver entrepreneurs who want to join the big league and achieve something in life. Are you in need to extra money for personal cause? No problem. If you have a valid license and time you can make as much money as you want by becoming a driver for the vehicles in U-RYD. Being a part of a reputed company like U-RYD will itself be a mega boost for your confidence. Therefore, it is a boon for those who can handle their job responsibly and wants to earn some extra bucks. There are many advantages of this job.

  • Your time, Your work -
  • Work as per the time schedule that suits you. No need to report as per the time of a certain office. If you are free now and in search of work then you are just few clicks away from the job. Just sign in and with so many people waiting on the road for cabs riding requests will start pouring down in front of you.

  • Choose your own schedule
  • Job in U-RYD is not like in a corporate house where you have to report and leave as per a certain time schedule. You get the liberty to choose how long you want to work.

  • Know the unknown -
  • Are you worried that you are not too familiar with the roads of the city and therefore will not fit the job role of driver? No worries. The U-RYD app will help you with direction from your current location to the destination and you simple need to follow the road suggested to be taken.

U-RYD not only gives the customers a happy journey but also brings joy in life of people who are in need of money.