About us

About us

With a vision to present people with comfort and peace, U-RYD has combined transport and technology in the best possible way giving rise to smooth journey for the customers. Situated in Noida, we aim to provide online service through website and app for our customers to book and get a cab in the quickest way possible.

We believe in keeping things simple. Thereby we have made sure that the website and mobile app are both user friendly and ensure a confirmed booking in a few clicks. All you need is a smartphone in your hand and your cab will arrive in no time

The areas where U-RYD focuses the most are as follows:-


The usage of both the website and mobile app is very easy and therefore will not be of any problem even for those who are not well accustomed with technology. Also, as a customer you have the provision of choosing the type of vehicle you want to hire from the long list of vehicles that U-RYD have say VIP, Regular or Retro.


If you are paying money, you will obviously want service worth the cost. Therefore, U-RYD ensures that all their cars are well maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. The journey is always enjoyable for the passengers and they tend to avail U-RYD’s service time and again.

Our Credits

Having a safe journey is as important as having a comfortable journey. U-RYD ensures that all the drivers of the vehicles own proper license and belong to good background. Also, there is a guarantee that the charges shown on the menu is exactly what one needs to pay and later on will not have to transact any extra money for a service availed from U-RYD.