About us

U-RYD A place where you ride, with ease, convenience, safety and comfort.

Our Vision

We at U-RYD work with vision of bringing perfect mobility to peoples where they can feel that U-RYD truly is their ride. A place where your ride belongs to you, your destination, your way, your choice of vehicle, your choice of services, here everything is about you.

What is U-RYD ?

U-RYD is an approach to redefine transportation of people, be it their daily commute or occasional ride, across USA. We have fused technology and transport, for bringing to you U-RYD mobile app and website for you. We present to you the quickest way to get a cab anywhere, anytime.

Our power relies in our simplicity. Booking your ride with us is so simple. You just need your Smartphone and your ride will be at your place within minutes. You can choose your cab as per your wish from our multiple cab categories: VIP, Regular or Retro just with a tap. We are transforming the way people travel into a more eco-friendly and economic way. People behind the wheel are people like you. They are local, traditional or private transport services owners, with authorized driver license and a safe background.

U-RYD is not just about benefitting travelers, it is a two-way solution, helping travelers with provision of easy transport and driver-entrepreneurs with new opportunity of extra earnings. Driver get increased earnings and travelers get their perfect ride. So it place you in a win-win situation! Enjoy your ride with U-RYD , reach your destination!